Management & People

Creating human values is one of the things that DEVEMADA is committed to, therefore, our Human Resources area is a strategic one, with substantial support power in the decisions and influence over the direction that the business takes, which has as its constant challenge to be "the best in its category" in planning, management, actions and training. It is committed to attracting, retaining and developing people by means of systems and policies organized in such a way as to improve performance and commitment, with a view to meeting the needs of both internal as well as external stakeholders.

We believe that excellent companies are created by excellent people. For this reason, our Talent Recruitment Program looks for the market’s best professionals in the Engineering segment who have a technical and/or academic background in addition to a professional track record in this area.

In order that the employee performs his tasks well and can make progression, DEVEMADA is well aware that it is important to maintain a pleasant work environment. An environment in which it is possible to exercise creativity and come up with productive projects for the company.

As a result of this, new ideas are always welcome.

At DEVEMADA the employees are recognized for their skills.

DEVEMADA’s internship program is aimed at attracting, recruiting and retaining talented young people who make all the difference to DEVEMADA’s strategy, as well as preparing them by means of its differentiated values to contribute to achieve the desired results.

To provide the students with an opportunity to experience the job market in a unique, full-time way, in conjunction with a dose of teaching and learning in a professional business environment.

This program is aimed at young professionals, who have already finished their degrees and who are looking to develop a professional career which is focused on engineering.

To supplement the development process we have an e-learning (a distance learning modality) training program, which is used for self-study via electronic media.