The Company

Devemada is a company that was founded in Brazil and which has been operating in the market for more than 30 years, having consolidated its position as one of the most traditional companies in the project engineering area.

Its performance and standard of quality are references in the market in which it operates, thanks to the close collaboration between the company’s employees, suppliers and clients.

In addition to this, Devemada offers its clients a differentiated, personalized customer service and always aims at excellence in its projects. To this end, the constant development of our employees and our partners plays a vital role in enabling us to achieve our objectives.

Another area of concern is the constant search for project innovation and development in the IT area, with a view to ensuring security and integrity between the various systems.

Our Story

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We began our operations, with the main focus initially being on the sale and export of machinery for the paper and pulp sector - Devemada Importação / Exportação.


The sale of this equipment demanded engineering services and the presentation of new solutions. This resulted in a new segment being set up: Devemada Engineering, which was organized in such a way as to cater to this increasingly competitive technological demand, in the automation, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, piping and civil construction areas.


The company’s growth led it to invest in the acquisition of an assembly company, with the aim of offering assembly as well as projects and management.


With the growing demand for engineering projects, Devemada takes the decision to withdraw from the machinery assembly and import/export market, concentrating its efforts on projects and management.


This was the year that saw Devemada complete its Integrated Management System, boosting yet further the quality of its services.


Saw the inauguration of the company’s new head office in the city of Mogi das Cruzes. This is a 3-storey building with a floor space of more 1200m², which is located in the center of Mogi das Cruzes.


Saw the inauguration of the company’s Uberaba branch and a continuation of its policy to invest in its technical and human capital.