• General layout with analysis of options;
  • Detailed architecture projects;
  • Foundation projects;
  • Structural designs (form and frame)
        Conventional Concrete Structure
        Pre-cast Concrete Structure;
        Pre-stressed Concrete Structure;
  • Structural masonry projects;
  • Structural calculations (with calculation log);
  • Quantitative spreadsheet for materials and services;
  • Descriptive hiring logs;
  • Tendering for civil engineering contracts;
  • Opinion and equalization of technical proposals;
  • Paving projects: rigid, interlinked and flexible;
  • Fluvial underground drainage projects
       (micro and macro drainage);
  • Plumbing installation projects for cold water;
  • Sanitary facilities projects (sewage and effluents);
  • Earthmoving work projects;
  • Waterproofing projects;
  • Infrastructure projects for electrical installations and fire prevention;
  • Geotechnic technical opinion (soil report);